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About Us


Wine is simple. Wine is natural. Wine is community. Wine is crafted to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones, in a tumbler on a café table over a meal alfresco, in your dancing hand at a music festival, in your backyard while summer barbeque is grilling,  on the sofa in front of the television after a long day.


Breaking Bread wine is serious – seriously delicious, seriously inspiring, seriously fun. But it isn’t seriously complicated. We source from the best growers who farm sustainably and organically. We touch the wine as little as possible, but ensure it arrives in your glass clean and stable. We believe in using native yeast and little new oak. We believe in minimizing our environmental footprint by using lightweight glass and foregoing tin capsules. We believe in honoring ancient winemaking techniques, from skin-contact white wines to carbonic maceration to method ancestral sparkling wine.


Breaking Bread Winery began as a creative outlet for Erik Miller, the esteemed and experienced winemaker of Kokomo Winery. What started as an exploration of different winemaking techniques and new takes on old varietals has evolved into something even more straightforward – Breaking Bread is a lifestyle wine. We make tasty wines that are meant to be celebrated, not cellared. We make wines that you can’t wait to drink. It’s as simple as that!